Fight and act fairly, consensual and in context. All RP in Melita is consensual. That includes of course the combat/capture. If you have RP limitations tell your opponent. It is also good to write your limitations in your profile. Always regard the general sim rules and historical setting as a basis for your combat/capture. Personal insults will not be tolerated.


As it concerns the non-combat role players (civilians), their wish of non taking part to combat actions in the sim have to be respected. Therefore, we invite all civilians to clearly write in their RP limits their position with respects to combat... if they agree or not. The raiders, ambush fighters etc. are invited to use their camera and read the RP limits of the persons in their cross-hairs and to act according to these.





To ensure fair play: no hidden weapons, no dual wielding, no jumping during battles, no speed enhancers, no push and shield scripts, no sliding. No resetting of meters. Once you are in an RP there will be no resetting of your meter. No rezzing things to escape. If a vehicle was there previously, you may use it, but no rezzing it once the heat starts. No TPing in or out of an RP. If you leave an RP by TPing you are out of the RP for 12 hours. Nothing you say or do will be valid and you will be asked to leave the area while the RP is played out. For all intents and purposes, you are dead. If you crash during a battle, you may come back and rejoin the rp, but only after 15 min. Meanwhile, make sure you got all the informations about what happened while you were out. Arena mode is only for the arena! The sim is for roleplay, sparring for arena. Those who do not respect it get one warning, then, if this is repeating, the admins can ask them to leave the sim.





If you have RP limits, you have to add them in your profile and make your opponent aware of them if needed. You are alse obliged to look in the profile and read the RP limits of your opponent before interacting with them. RP limits must make sense according to the basis and historical setting of the sims. Brutal and with no reason aggressions (of any kind) are not accepted. Always have a valid reason to attack. If you want a proper fight then challenge the person according to RP, and if that person doesn't want to fight, respect his/her will and do not insult or mock him/her.





If you are taken down and your red cage has rezzed you are captured. That means you are incapacitated (you have been stuned, knocked unconcious, wounded etc). You cannot yell, scream insults, or otherwise act like you have full health. Your oponents have 5 minutes to RP your capture or death. If they do not RP tie and bind you up and your meter brings you back to health, you can run away. If captured you must submit to capture. No exceptions. If you do not, you will be removed from the RP for 12 hours. Or killed, which is the same thing... Capture can lead to slavery (see RP limits). Proper capturing is to be described like this:

- minimum 3 full emote/RP lines of bindings,

- minimum 2 full lines of aiding,

- minimum 3 full lines of selfaiding/untying.








Detail your actions: searching for weapons, searching the body, finding any visible or hidden weapons, taking off clothing (if you want it), binding etc.





We do not kill oponents without solid RP reason. Senseless and/or non consensual killing costs people their time to RP by requiring a 12 hour “dead time” on their combat meters. It is not fair to anyone to have to submit to that unless they are willing in RP. Exception: Person refuses to be captured or is being extremely unreasonable. Either way you better have documentation and it better be good with no other options available.








Anyone can, if they have the possibility within the RP, to go and look for help if attacked or in a fight. However, this must be done in proper RP. No TP or IM for help! Sending messages through messengers or bird is allowed; however, wait for the message to reach your friends and for them to come... which isn't supposed to happen in the very next minute. Helping a fallen person has to be also described in minimum 3 rp lines.





If you have clearly stated your limitations for RP and these are not respected, or if you find yourself in a situation where sim rules (including combat rules) are not being followed, then first try to make your opponent aware of this. If no solution is found then leave the situation. As a last way out then tp out can be accepted. You are however obliged to save a notecard of the situation to validate your action and send a copy to an admin.


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