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Melita Insula, Second Life RoleplayMelita insula is a mature role play world consisting of a homestead 3D simulator. The playground is the island of Malta somewhere between the end of the 1st century BC and the beginning of the 1st century AD. That is, around the year 1, in the days of the early Roman Empire.


Here you will find Greeks, Romans, Roman citizens of various ethnic origin, all trying to seek fortune, glory or just trying to make a living, which doesn't always seem to be that easy to accomplish... Apart from pleasant socializations in the city, at camps, in the tavernas and baths, and all sorts of entertainments and pleasures, you can hence expect battles, raids, combat/capture, trading, slavery and much more. All in a consensual setting..


The role play on Melita has a historical background. We are looking for historical accuracy, within reasonable limits. We strongly encourage people who have an interest in ancient history and civilizations to share it with their fellow players. But Melita is not an academic gathering. It's primary intent is quality, intelligent entertainment and fun. So for those who are not that much into history, a basic background and common sense role play skills are more than enough.









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Second Life - Melita Insula
Melita Insula
melita insula

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